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Holy collages that’s not Batman & Robin!

Custom Designed Collages of Special Events/People

Using Your Photographs and Mementos Whether it be a wedding, birthday, family reunion, vacation, or a collection of old photographs or other special event, people love looking for and finding themselves as well as others! From 30 - 100+ of your favorite photographs Some cut-outs to almost all cut-outs Personalize with names and/or quotes, mementos Photo enhancement or restoration if needed Finished size: 11x17 Laminate or mount and frame Makes a great gift(s) for family, friends or attendees. Cost varies based on number of photos and cut-outs, quality of images provided, such as contrast, focus, colors, and shape of the object(s). I have made a number of collages over the years, started with real photos and scissors before computers and Photoshop! The collages shown here have been given as wedding, birthday and friendship gifts. If you are interested in having a custom collage created for you or someone else, please contact me at 978-455-9148 or