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Restoring old photographs preserves the images of times past and allows them to be passed on to future generation(s). Photographs with crease marks, tears or are fading can be restored and/or enhanced. How much improving can be done on any image depends on the condition of the original image. Photographs can be sent as scanned hi-resolution images or the originals can be mailed to me to be scanned and I will return all originals when the job is completed. Final images can be uploaded to dropbox or sent on CD(s) or memory stick.

Photo Restoration and Enhancement

bringing life back to old photographs

The example to the left was included in “Selling the Dwelling, The Books that Built America’s Houses, 1775- 2000,” by Richard Cheek, published by The Grolier Club. For this book I scanned over 300 images, resized, enhanced and in some instances, as shown, restored.