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An awesome way to keep memories close at hand & heart. Photographs, mementos, hobbies, the important things  that are a part of our lives and who we are. How better to remember a loved one and to share their memory with their friends and family? Send your photos and mementos (brochure, artwork, match books, favorite book, place, etc.) and I will design both sides of the bookmark, providing you with final approval before printing. You may want to do the layout yourself and supply us with hi-resolution PDF or jpeg files to be printed, cut and laminated. No problem! Bookmark size is 2-3/8" x 8.5" when laminated* and is printed on both sides. Lamination in a 10mil heavy-duty laminating pouch will keep them in great shape for a long time to come! *Other sizes are available.

Memory / Memorial Bookmarks

Dementia / Alzheimer’s For anyone with early stages of Dementia or Alzheimer’s Disease, we can make Memory Bookmarks using photographs of family and friends, and memorabilia to help your loved one be reminded of the people and places that are important to them. These don’t have to be just bookmarks. We can make them up to 11x17 (custom collage) or even poster size, and laminate them making them easy to clean and to keep them well protected. Senior ID cards with medical and prescription information, laminated with lanyard.

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